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(2) Communications sans actes dans un congrès international

COM.SAct.Int.4.2: I. Ngo, M.E. Gueunier-Farret, J. Alvarez, J.P. Kleider, Modeling of c-Si/a-Si:H nanowires based solar cells, 12th Euregional Workshop on Novel Concepts for Future Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells, Delft, NL, 28 January 2012, .

COM.SAct.Int.4.1: Y. Soro, M.E. Gueunier-Farret, E.V. Johnson, J.P. Kleider, P. Roca I Cabarrocas, Structural and electronic properties of hydrogenated polymorphous silicon films deposited at high rate, Photovoltaic Technical Conference, Aix en Provence, FR, 27 May 2010, .