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Research Topics

Research Topics

Responsible: Demba DialloThèmes de recherche

The activities of the team COCODI (Design, Control and Diagnosis) focus on three main themes:

Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is to characterize the state of a component or material (measuring physical parameters, detection and sizing of defects, etc.). Without compromising its integrity. The team focuses on electromagnetic NDT methods. This theme involves modeling and production of sensors and analysis of measurement results.


The theme "Electric Actuation" combines the expertise of the team gained in the areas of modeling (numerical and analytical), development of software tools to aid in the design of electromagnetic structures of conventional energy conversion or unconventional and the design of devices based on active materials (piezoelectric, magnetostrictive materials, etc.).. Emphasis is also placed on the development of methodologies and tools for optimization of multi-level approaches, multi-physics and multi domain. Moreover, the activity extends its activity to control the reliability and availability of actuators approaches "observer" for the fault tolerant control.

Energy Efficiency

The theme "Energy efficiency" has carried out its work on the modeling, optimization and control architecture (including non-linearities and the character of the sampled control) systems and hybrid power system diagnosis Cell fuel in collaboration with the LTN (IFSTTAR) of the team SCM of LGEP, department of Automatic Supélec and ECS team of ENSEA. He maintains an activity on the development of a methodology for designing hybrid power systems for remote sites from renewables on criteria of cost of energy, availability constraints and limitations of constituents.

The team actively participates in several projects approved by the clusters:
Usine Numérique O2M CISACS