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Alain Bossavit

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Last update of "Alain Bossavit at GeePs":  Aug. 4, 2017   
( Recent additions:  ECMI 16 one-page abstract.  EMF 16 submitted full-length paper.)

Alain Bossavit

  • Born May 4, 1942
  • École polytechnique, promotion 61
  • PhD Paris 6, 1971 (Numerical Analysis)
  • Électricité de France, 1971-2002
  • Scientific advisor,  LGEP-CNRS, 1991-
  • Docent, Tampere University of Technology, 1997-

  • Address:
    GeePs (ex. LGEP), 11 Rue Joliot-Curie,
    91192 Gif-sur-Yvette CEDEX, France
    Email address:
    bossavit at lgep dot supelec dot fr

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    (Latest ones: Compumag 15 at Montréal, 29 June 2015, on magnetic forces at interfaces; Numelec15 at St-Nazaire, 3 June 2015, on symmetric extended Maxwell tensor.)
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    To get the list of publications as a .pdf document (72 kO), click there.
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    Unpublished stuff:
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    Main areas of interest:

    • Numerical Methods for PDE's
    • Applied Differential Geometry
    • Electromagnetic Forces, Coupled Problems
    • Numerical Computation of Electromagnetic Fields
      • Electromagnetic theory
      • Geometry of electromagnetism
      • Finite elements
    • Propagation problems
    • Symmetry
    • Asymptotics
      • Homogenization (of metamaterials, in particular)
      • "Small parameter" problems in electromagnetism

    Background occupation:

    On the geometry of electromagnetism.

    Some relevant material can be downloaded (in .ps and/or .pdf format): Under "DGSNME.pdf" or "" you may find a small book (150 pp. as a single  .pdf file,  about 700 kO, or .ps, about 1100 kO), drafted in 1990,  entitled

    Differential Geometry for the Student of
    Numerical Methods in Electromagnetism,

    the last chapter of which introduces Maxwell's equations in  differential-geometric language.   This purported to be an elementary course,  which deserves its title by not containing  anything about numerical methods. 

    Less ancient, more numerics-oriented, the  "Japanese papers", a serial published from 1998  to 2000 in  J. Japan Society Appl. Electromagn. & Mech. The substance of these papers, rehashed and completed  by a tutorial on Whitney forms, later made

    Discretization of electromagnetic problems,

    which can be found here.  This was a contribution to a tutorial  depository set up by the   ICM Institute in Warsaw.  Other tutorials or lecture notes are there, including a course in Convex Analysis (CA).
    A slightly updated version of Discretization of electromagnetic problems can now be found in the Handbook of Numerical Analysis, Vol. 13, Elsevier (Amsterdam), 2005, pp. 105-97.  (Blurb.) A French rewriting became Chapter 1, Géométrie de l'électromagnétisme et éléments finis, of a 2003 Hermès-Lavoisier  treatise edited by G. Meunier, described  here and downloadable from this page (scroll down).  Japanese readers may find similar material in this book, coauthored with H. Igarashi, A. Kameari, Y. Kagawa, I. Nishiguchi in  2003.


    (Errata sheets, in .pdf format, less than 100 kO.  Please download... Omission reports welcome.)

    Méthodes numériques en électromagnétisme,
    Eyrolles (Paris), 1991.   Errata.
    (With C. Emson and I. Mayergoyz.     In print.  English translation, later,  produced DGSNME, described above.)
    Électromagnétisme, en vue de la modélisation,
    Springer-Verlag (Paris), 1994.   Errata
    (Second printing, corrected, 2004.  Residual errata here.)
    Computational Electromagnetism,
    Academic Press (Boston), 1998.    Errata
    This one, out of print, can be downloaded here, in .pdf format (errata  corrected).  First print out the  cover page and  front pages, which contain a template to help you check on fonts and dimensions. (The format of a page should be  117 x 196 mm.)  Carry on with  ContentsPreface, Chapters  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Appendices  ABC,   Author Index, and  Subject Index.  Most files around  300k, summing up to 3.5 MO.
    Géométrie de l'électromagnétisme et éléments finis,
    Hermès-Lavoisier (Paris), 2003.   Errata (last touch, Dec. 2010).
    This fell out of print in Feb. 2007.  Can be downloaded here, in .pdf format (errata  corrected, 129 pp., 840 kO).
    Family links:    Pascal Bossavit Laurent Bossavit Ginette Horcholle-Bossavit