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Bulk forces and contact forces in magnetized matter,
Compumag 2015, 29 Juin 2015 (.pdf, 12 dias, 630 kO) (more)

Un tenseur de Maxwell non linéaire et symétrique (par dessus le marché...),
Numelec 2015, 3 Juin 2015 (.pdf, 12 dias, 600 kO) (more)

Les formes de Whitney, pourquoi? Quelques points d'histoire (subjective...),
Symposium de Génie Electrique, 8 Juil. 2014 (.pdf, 46 dias, 10 MB) (more)

Electromagnetic forces: The 'fifty-fifty' rule about supplied energy,
CEFC 2014 talk, May 26, 2014 (.pdf, 11 dias, 500 kO) (more)

Geometric Structures Underlying Mimetic Approaches ,
Seminar, Santiago da Compostela, Oct. 16, 2013 (pointer links to more detailed Woudschoten 2011 tutorial, below).

On Forces In Magnetized Matter: Proving force density formulas,
Compumag 2013 talk, July 2011 (.pdf, 26 dias, 1200 kO) (more)
Also (with similar content):
MFO workshop on "Involution Constrained PDEs", Oberwolfach (Germany), 15-20 Sept. 2013; 8th workshop on Advanced Computational Electromagnetics (ACE'13), Povo (Italy), 5-7 June 2013; Seminar, ENSAM, Paris, 28 March 2013; AES 2013 talk (2nd Advanced Electromagnetics Symposium), Sharjah (U.A.E.), 19-22 March 2013.

On modelling electrets and piezoelectric actuators, Complementary formulations "in psi" and "in H",
Bruges (Belgium), Apr. 25, 2013 (.pdf, 14 dias, 1400 kO) (more)
(Algebraic mistakes in slides 19 and 34, fixed in Feb. 2013.)

Misgivings with the Maxwell tensor: What it does catch, what it misses, about electromagnetic forces,
Santiago da Compostela, Oct. 26, 2011 (.pdf, 36 dias, 1500 kO) (more)
(Algebraic mistakes in slides 19 and 34, fixed in Feb. 2013.)

Geometric Structures Underlying Mimetic Approaches, Tutorial,
Zeist (NL), 5 Oct. 2011 (.pdf, 105 dias, 3800 kO) (more)

Homogenization as the exploitation of symmetry, Tutorial,
Marrakech, 9 May 08, commented Feb. 11 (.pdf, 62 dias, 2400 kO) (more)

Virtual power principle and Maxwell's tensor: Which comes first?,
IGTE'10 talk, Graz, 21 Sept. 10 (pointer sends to Santiago 2011 version, a bit more complete) (more)
Also (with similar content):
ACE 10, Zürich, 6 July 2010; Seminar, Povo (Italy), 24 Nov 2010; Seminar, Lyons, 30 Nov 2010; Seminar, Gif-sur-Yvette, 16 Dec. 2010.

A high-frequency homogenization technique, applied to metamaterials,
Stamm 10 talk, Berlin, 31 Aug. 2010 (.pdf, 30 dias, 1500 kO) (more)
Workshop (IEEE, URSI France, SEE, GDR Ondes), Saint Malo, Dec. 2 -3, 2010.

A Differential-Geometric Approach to Magneto-Elastic Coupling, in Continuous and Discrete Form,
ESCO 2010, Pilsen (Tch.), 29 June 10 (pointer sends to ACE09 more complete version)

Homogenization of "split-ring" metamaterials: Solving the cell problem,
META'10 talk, Cairo, 22 Feb. 10 (.pdf, 12 dias, 470 kO) (more)

Discrete Magneto-Elasticity: A Geometrical Approach,
Compumag 09, Florianopolis (Brazil), 23 Nov. 09 (pointer sends to ACE09 more complete version) (more)

Unified Discrete Models in Magneto-Elasticity: A uniform edge-element approach,
CIRM Workshop, Levico (Italy), 10 Sept. 09 (pointer sends to ACE09 more complete version)

Magnetoelasticity: A uniform edge-element approach,
EMF09, Mondovi (Italy), 27 May 09 (.pdf, 17 dias, 140 kO, abridged version of next item) (more)

Unified discrete models in magnetoelasticity, Prospects and problems,
ACE 09, Ac. Lincei, Roma (Italy), 12 Jan. 09 (.pdf, 59 dias, 410 kO) (more)

Modèles discrets unifiés en magnétoélasticité (Slides in English),
MECAMAT, LMT Cachan (France), 7 Nov. 08 (.pdf, 31 dias, 200 kO -- but better download ACE 09 slides, previous item, more extensive, and commented) (more)

Whitney forms: What, How, Why...: A rationale for them on tetrahedra and other shapes, Prospects for their use in coupled problems,
European Seminar on Coupled Problems, Jetrichovice (Czech Republic), 9 June 08 (.pdf, 55 dias, 360 kO),
Graduate School of Electromagnetics, Aug. 28-29 2008, Hämeenlinna (Finland) (more)

Recursive generation of Whitney forms on tetrahedra, hexahedra, prisms and pyramids,
Acomen Conference, Liège, 26 May 08 (more)

Homogenization of "split-ring" metamaterials: Proving it correct,
CEFC08 talk, Athens, 12 May 08 (.pdf, 25 dias, 640 kO) (more)

Proving homogenization correct: Statics, easy. Full Maxwell, tricky,
META'08 talk, Marrakech, 9 May 08 (.pdf, 27 dias, 700 kO) (more)

Génération récursive des formes de Whitney sur tétraèdres, hexaèdres, prismes et pyramides,
Journée "Méthodes algébriques", CNAM, 18 Sept. 07 (.pdf, 54 dias, 240 kO) (more)

Getting even with the Maxwell tensor: The question of forces, in differential-geometric language,
ACE 2007 talk, 30 June 07 (.pdf, 30 dias, 260 kO) (more)

Force-related nuts and bolts in the discretization toolkit for electromagnetics, as suggested by geometrical methods,
Compumag 2007 talk, 27 June 07 (.pdf, 36 dias, 260 kO) (more)

Getting even with the Maxwell tensor: The question of forces, in differential-geometric language,
Oberwolfach survey talk, 6 Feb. 07 (.pdf, 64 dias, 400 kO) (more)

La mesure "à quatre points" en contrôle non destructif,
Numélec 2006, Lille, Nov. 29 - Déc. 1, 2006 (.pdf, 19 dias, 220 kO) (more)

Geometrical methods in computational electromagnetism: Nuts and bolts of a discretization toolkit,
ICAP 2006, Chamonix, 3 Oct. 06 (.pdf, 39 dias, 220 kO) (more)

Complementarity bilateral bounds on forces in magnetostatics,
EPNC 2006, Maribor, 29 June 06 (.pdf, 15 dias, 100 kO) (more)

What do voltmeters measure? An exercise in asymptotics,
EMF'06, Aussois, June 06 (.pdf, 18 dias, 120 kO) (more)

Metamaterials: A challenge to homogenization theory,
ACE'06, Boston U., May 06 (.pdf, 56 dias, 700 kO) (more)

Numerical schemes in electromagnetism: A geometrical approach,
Numerical Relativity Seminar, Tuebingen, Feb. 06 (.pdf, 60 dias, 270 kO) (more)

Generalized finite differences on unstructured grids: Flow-preserving schemes in some porous-media problems,
Workshop, Utrecht, Sept. 05 (.pdf, 34 dias, 200 kO) (more)

"Small parameter(s)" problems: How to avoid meshing small airgaps,
Seminar talk, LGEP, June 05 (.pdf, 20 dias, 200 kO) (more)

Underlying structures in electromagnetics in view of object-oriented programming,
ACE'04, Tampere U. of Technology, Aug. 04 (.pdf, 86 dias, 370 kO) (more)

The question of forces in electromagnetics: Old controversies, modern geometrical tools,
Seminar talk, Tokyo, 12 June 04 (.pdf, 59 dias, 370 kO) (more)

Let's get acquainted with Smith's normal form in Homology: Automatizing the search for loops, holes, mesh defects, "global" basis fields... ,
CEFC talk, Seoul, 6-9 June 2004 (more)

Computational electromagnetism and Whitney forms (hindsight, hindsight...),
IMA workshop, Minneapolis, May 04 (.pdf, 56 dias, 440 kO) (more)

Courants de Foucault sur coques minces (Topologie: en savoir ou pas),
Seminar talk, ENSTA, Paris, Feb. 04 (.pdf, 35 dias, 280 kO) (more)

On the generation of Whitney forms: Just a chain map, from singular to simplicial chains,
Workshop talk, Caltech, Oct. 03 (.pdf, 30 dias, 200 kO) (more)

Let's get acquainted with Smith's normal form in Homology: Automatizing the search for loops, holes, mesh defects, "global" basis fields... ,
AMAM Conference, Nice, Feb. 03 (.pdf, 30 dias, 200 kO) (more)

Discretizing the 'extrusion' operation with Whitney forms. Applications: Carpenter's gauge, MHD simulations,
IGTE'02, Graz (Austria), Sept. 02 (.pdf, 16 dias, 110 kO) (more)

Sliding contacts in eddy current theory,
CEM'02, Bournemouth (UK), Apr. 02 (.pdf, 13 dias, 68 kO) (more)

More details (in reverse order):

Bournemouth, 02:
IEE Conference, Bournemouth, UK, 8-11 Apr. 2002 (
(Good luck if you look for information there.) See
Related paper: [AQ].   (Back.)

Graz, 02:
IGTE Conference, Graz, Austria, 16-18 Sept. 2002 (
Not commented, but see Tuebingen 06 slides.
Related paper: [154] A.B., "Extrusion, contraction: their discretization via Whitney forms", COMPEL, 22, 3 (2003), pp. 470-80.   (Back.)

Nice, 03:
"Let's get acquainted...": AMAM Conference, Nice, France, 11 Feb. 2003.
These slides are at the end of the "CNAM07" .pdf file, go there to download the latter.   (Back.)

Pasadena (Caltech), 03:
CIMMS Workshop on Discrete Geometry for Mechanics, Oct. 2-3, 2003 (
Later commented and posted as a complement to the IMA 04 slides.
Related papers: [151] A.B., "Generating Whitney Forms of Polynomial Degree One and Higher", IEEE Trans., MAG-38, 2 (2002), pp. 341-4, and (more developed) the DEP tutorial.   (Back.)

Paris (ENSTA), 04:
Seminar talk, in French. No overlaid comments yet on these slides. Informal tutorial on topology of surfaces, Homology, cuts, etc.
Related paper: [AE] A.B., "Eddy currents on thin shells", in 3d Int. Workshop on Electric and Magnetic Fields (Proc., Liège, 6-9 May 1996), A.I.M. (31 Rue St-Gilles, Liège), 1996, pp. 453-8.   (Back.)

Minneapolis (IMA), 04:
IMA "Hot Topics" Workshop: Compatible Spatial Discretizations for PDEs, Minneapolis, 11-15 May 2004 (   (Back.)

Seoul, 04:
"Let's get acquainted...": CEFC Conference, Seoul, 6-9 June 2004 (
Same slides as in "Nice 03", can be found at the end of the "CNAM07" .pdf file, go there to download the latter.   (Back.)

Tokyo, 04:
Based on Compumag'03 talk, with additions.
Related paper: [156] A.B., "Forces inside a magnet", International Compumag Society Newsletter, 11, 1 (2004), pp. 4-12.   (Back.)

Tampere, 04:
First seminar, August 2004, of the "Advanced Computational Electromagnetism" series (ACE), organized at the Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Electromagnetics ( by L. Kettunen. Proceedings: L. Kettunen, ed., Report 1-2004, ISBN 952-15-1246-6. (Second seminar, ACE'05, Tampere, June 2005, Report 1-2005, ISBN 952-15-1482-5.)   (Back.)

LGEP, 05:
Seminar talk. Replay of a talk at Compumag'95 (Berlin), full text in IEEE Trans., MAG-32, 3 (1996), pp. 729-32.
(I know -- superfluous s, bad grammar. Meant to call attention on "competition" between two small parameters.)   (Back.)

Utrecht, 05:
"Modelling Coupled Processes in Porous Media", Workshop, Utrecht U. & TNO-NITG, Utrecht, 19-20 September 2005 (
No added comments on slides. (This is the "generalized finite differences" stuff, with complementarity, adapted to a different physics.)
Related paper: A. Trykozko, W. Zijl, A.B., "Nodal and mixed finite elements for the numerical homogenization of 3D permeability", Computational Geosciences, 5, 5 (2001), pp. 61-84.   (Back.)

Tuebingen, 06:
Meeting on Mathematical Problems in Numerical Relativity, Tuebingen, Feb. 21-23, 2006 (
A tutorial on numerical methods in electromagnetism (the "generalized finite differences" approach).   (Back.)

Boston, 06:
Advanced Computational Electromagnetics seminar, Boston University, May 4-6, 2006 ( Proceedings, ed. L. Kettunen, Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Electromagnetics, Report 1-2006, ISBN 952-15-1630-5.
A few errors in the Proceedings version (wrong determination of large-scale E and H in continuous case, omission of scaling factor vol(C)) are corrected here. [Feb. 07.] Missing minus signs put back [Feb. 08.]   (Back.)

Aussois, 06:
7th Int. Symp. on Electric and Magnetic Fields, From Numerical Models to Industrial Applications. Aussois, France, June 19-22, 2006 (
No overlaid comments yet on these slides.   (Back.)

Maribor, 06:
19th Symposium on Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circuits, 28-30 June 2006, Maribor, Slovenia(
No overlaid comments yet on these slides. Paper submitted to COMPEL.   (Back.)

Chamonix, 06:
9th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference, Chamonix, France, Oct. 2-6, 2006 (
No overlaid comments yet on these slides.
My stock "generalized finite differences" talk again, but some novelty at the end: discrete equivalents of Poynting flow, v x B force, Maxwell tensor, etc. Six-page paper [AX] available here.   (Back.)

Lille, 06:
NUMELEC 2006, 5e Conférence Européenne sur les méthodes numériques en électromagnétisme (
Two-page summary, cf. [AY].   (Back.)

Oberwolfach, 07:
Workshop on Computational Electromagnetism and Acoustics, Feb. 5-9, 2007, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (
The last third is essentially the Tokyo04 talk, abridged. The first part, new, derives the differential-geometric expression of the Maxwell stress tensor from that of the Laplace force, and illustrates its use in a few force-related problems.   (Back.)

Aachen, 07:
16th Compumag conference, June 24-28, 2007 (
Abridged version of the Chamonix talk, with extracts from the Oberwolfach one.   (Back.)

Aachen, 07:
Advanced Computational Electromagnetics (ACE) seminar, June 29-30, 2007.
Abridged version of the Oberwolfach talk, with emphasis on the case of non-homogeneous materials: This one answers the question "can the integration surface go through magnetized matter".
A few typos corrected (18 9 09). I took a different viewpoint since, see Graz 2010 talk and paper [17x] (4 12 10).   (Back.)

Paris, 07:
Interactions entre théories algébriques et calcul scientifique: État-de-l'art et applications, Paris, 18 Sept. 2007 (
"Recursive generation of Whitney forms", in French. Followed by a short 2003 talk at the AMAM 2003 Conference ("First EMS-SMAI-SMF Joint Conference - Applied Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics", Nice, 10-13 Feb. 2003) on Smith normal forms.   (Back.)

Marrakech, 08:
META'08: Metamaterials for Secure Information and Communication Technologies (NATO workshop) , 7-10 May, 2008 (
Same material as in the Boston 06 talk, on the homogenization of the Maxwell equations, with some new stuff: A validation of the cell problem of homogenization in the case of magnetostatics, via a convergence theorem, and a discussion of the extension to full Maxwell, which requires that a second small parameter (besides the cell size) be taken in consideration. The "split ring" design of metamaterials, where this second parameter is the slit width, is cursorily treated.   (Back.)

Athens, 08:
CEFC'08, Thirteenth Biennial IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation, Athens, Greece, 11-15 May, 2008 (
Very large overlap with the Marrakech talk three days before.   (Back.)

Liège, 08:
Advanced COmputational Methods in ENgineering, CEFC'08, Liège, Belgium, 26-28 May, 2008 (
Abridged version, in English, of CNAM 2007 talk. Dias removed on Sept. 1, 2008, replaced by extended (and corrected) version below.   (Back.)

Jetrichovice (Cz. Rep.), 08:
IMACS sponsored European Seminar on Coupled Problems (ESCO 2008), Jetrichovice, Czech Republic, June 8-13, 2008 (
Extended version of Acomen08, including the material of the CNAM 2007 talk, and correcting a few imprecisions in the latter. Hints about the use of Whitney elements (vector- and covector-valued) in Elasticity. Also presented, with more details, and corrections on former corrections, at the Graduate School of Electromagnetics, Hotel Vaakuna, Hämeenlinna, Finland, Aug. 28-29 2008.   (Back.)

Cachan, 08:
Groupe de travail MECAMAT, Couplages multiphysiques, LMT Cachan (France), 7 Nov. 08. (Rather download the *next* one, Roma 09, more complete and commented. Moreover, the question of the sign convention about stress, left imprecise here, is discussed in "Roma, 09".)   (Back.)

Roma, 09:
Advanced Computational Electromagnetics (ACE) seminar, Roma, Italy, Jan. 12-14, 2009 ( (Some embarrassing typos corrected, Dec. 09, about elastic energy formula.)   (Back.)

Mondovi, 09:
8th International Symposium on Electric and Magnetic Fields, Mondovi (Italy), May 27-29, 2009 ( (This is only a shortened and uncommented version of "Roma, 09", previous item.)   (Back.)

Florianopolis, 09:
Compumag 09, Florianopolis, Brazil, Nov. 22-26, 2009 (   (Back.)

Cairo, 10:
2nd International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics, Cairo (Egypt), Feb. 22-25, 2010 ( (A sequel to the Marrakech 08 talk. Detailed analysis of the cell problem.)   (Back.)

Berlin, 10:
17th STAMM, Int. Symp. on Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics, Berlin (Germany), Aug. 30 to Sept. 2, 2010 ( IUTAM, ISIMM.   (Back.)

Graz, 10:
14th IGTE Symposium, Graz (Austria), Sept. 19-22, 2010 (http://www; (Shortened version of ACE 10 talk at Zürich, with comments added later. Maxwell's tensor as a derived, not a primitive object of the theory. Draft of full paper, [17x].)   (Back.)

Marrakech, 08:
NATO workshop, Marrakech, 7 May 08. (A course on harmonic analysis, Bloch representation, and the homogenization of Maxwell equations, with proofs. Includes the material in Marrakech 08, Athens 08, Stamm10.)   (Back.)

Zeist (NL), 11:
36th Woudschoten Conference, 5 Oct. 2011 ( (A two-hour course on 'Generalized Finite Differences' in Electromagnetism, as derived by so-called 'mimetic' methods. Updates the material in Chamonix 06, Tuebingen 06.)   (Back.)

Santiago, 11:
NELIA 2011 Workshop on Numerical Electromagnetics and Industrial Applications, Oct. 25-28, 2011 ( (Updated version of IGTE 10 talk at Graz.)   (Back.)

Bruges, 13:
9th International Symposium on Electric and Magnetic Fields, Bruges (Belgium), April 23-25, 2013 (   (Back.)

Budapest, 13:
Compumag 2013, Budapest, Hungary, 30 June -- 4 July 2013 (   (Back.)

Annecy, 14:
IEEE CEFC 2014, Annecy, France, 25-28 May 2014 (   (Back.)

Cachan, 14:
SGE 2014, ENS Cachan, France, 8-10 Juil. 2014 (   (Back.)

Saint-Nazaire, 15:
Numelec 2015, 8e Conf. Europ. sur les Méthodes Numériques en Électromagnétisme, IUT Saint-Nazaire, France, 3-5 Juin 2015 (   (Back.)

Saint-Nazaire, 15:
Compumag 2015, June 28 - July 2, Montréal, Québec, Canada (   (Back.)