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Laurent Daniel

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Professor (CentraleSupelec)

Automotive Mechatronics Chair (Faurecia/CentraleSupelec/Esigelec)

Phone : + 33 1 69 85 16 39

email : laurent.daniel [at]

My research interests at GeePs include the definition of constitutive laws for coupled phenomena and particularly thermo-electro-magneto-mechanical couplings. I am involved in the development of multiscale methods for the prediction of such coupled phenomena. Phenomenological approaches are also considered. In order to identify and validate the models proposed, an experimental platform for smart materials characterisation is developed. As a collaboration with the University of Manchester, I have been involved in the set up and micromechanical analysis of high energy x-ray diffraction experiments on ferroelectric ceramics. Since October 2014, I am Director of the Automotive Mechatronics Chair created by Faurecia, CentraleSupelec and Esigelec to bring innovation in the design, simulation and development of automotive mechatronic systems.

Keywords : Multiphysics - Mechatronics - Constitutive laws for coupled phenomena - Micromechanics - Multiscale methods - Homogenisation - Smart materials - Ferromagnetic materials - Magnetostriction - Ferroelectric materials - piezoeletric ceramics - Magnetoelectric effect - Multiferroics - high energy x-ray and neutron diffraction.

Full list of publications (March 2018)

Curriculum Vitae (March 2016)

PhD thesis (2003)

Habililtation thesis (2011)

Research group : Comportement multiphysique des matériaux (Muphy)



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